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LOCATION OF THE TEMPLE : Sri Sangameeswarar Temple is situated at a town called Bhavani in Erode. 15 km from Erode Railway Station.

HISTORY OF THE TEMPLE: Kuberan, Rama, Arjuna, Viswamitrar and Parasarar are said to have worshipped here. Legend goes that the remnants of the celestial nectar which came out of the milky ocean was buried here by Parasarar; who was protected from the demons by virtue of his devotion to Shiva; the remnants of the nectar turned into the Shivalingam.

DIVINESS OF THE TEMPLE: This Shivastalam in Kongu Naadu, is a shrine at the confluence of Bhavani, Kaveri & Amrutavahini (Mukkoodal). It is believed that no evil will befall those that visit here (Teemai nannaa oor hence Tirunanaa). Other Sanskrit names associated with this shrine are Dakshinaprayag, Dakshinabadri, Triveni Sangamam. This shrine is surrounded by the 5 hill shrines of this area such as Sankagiri, Tiruchengode, Padmagiri, Mangalagiri and Vedagiri. A shrine to Subramanyar is situated between the Shiva and Ambal shrines; there is also an image of Jwarahareswarar in this temple.

AUSPICIOUS DAYS: The annual Bhrammotsavam here is celebrated in the month of Aadi.

Arulmigu Sangameswarar Temple, Bhavani Kudal, Bhavani - 638 301, Ph : 04256 - 230192

Anthiyur Gurunatha Swami Temple :
Kamatchi and Perumal as the Lord of Vainava and Sivan & Murugan jointly from in the name of Gurunathaswamy as the Lord of Saiva appears to the people from the stone house of Puthu Palayam next to Anthiyur

Bannari Amman Temple :

It is about 10 Kms from Bhavanisagar. The Mariamman temple here is very famous and attracts thousands of pilgrims. Ph: 04295-243289, 243366.

Bhavani Temple
16 km from the Erode. The Sangameshwar Temple at Bhavani is situated at the confluence of the Rivers Bhavani and the Cauvery. This place is called ‘Tiruveni of South India’. It is an important pilgrim centre. Lord Sangameshwarer with His consort Vedanayaki is the presiding deity. It is said that during the East India Company regime the then Collector of Coimbatore and Salem Districts, William Garrow, who had his headquarters at Bhavani, worshipped Goddess Vedanayaki. One night the Goddess directed him in his dream to vacate his bungalow immediately. The moment he moved out, the entire bungalow collapsed. He wonder red at this miracle and he presented to the temple an ivory cradle, which is still in the temple, with his signature.

Bhavanisagar Dam :
16 kms from Sathyamangalam across the river Bhavani. This dam was built only with sand. Ph: 04295-240224/240059, 100 km from the Erode.

Chennimalai temple :

It is situated between Erode and Coimbatore. On the way to Coimbatore, this hill temple is about 7½ kilometres  south of Ingoor Railway Station. This temple is located in the city of Chennimalai of Perundurai, Erode District. Chennimalai is 30 kilometres from Erode and three kilometres from Perunthurai. Chennimalai can be reached by road from Erode, which is a business centre. The nearest airport is Coimbatore.The Devasthanam has provided special buses to reach the hilltop. This world famous temple of Lord Muruga is where poet Arunagirinathar was blessed with "Padikasu", wealth of coins. Ph: 04294-250223.

Dhana Nayakan Fort :

Located near Bhavani. Whenever the water level in Bhavani dam goes down we can see the Dhana Nayakan fort. It dates back to 1292 and 1341 A.D. when that area was ruled over by Hoysalas. There was one chieftani namely Singaiah Dhana Nayakan. His administrative office was there in that fort. There was stone cuttings on the walls of the temples which depict some important historical evidences.

Govt. Museum :

The Museum was opened to the public in 1987. The important exhibits are inscription of Kongu Chola, hero stones from Bargur, Tanjore paintings, manuscripts, coins, geological objects, Kodumanal antiques and other pre-history items. It has both botanical and zoological specimens also. The Museum is known for its collection of palm-leaf manuscripts and coins.

Kanaga Giri Kumaran Temple :

Kanchikoil is 16k.m from Erode.Kanaga Giri Kumaran Temple is 2 km on the way to Senkalipalayam from Kanchikoil. It has been constructed atop 50' hill side. The statue of Lord Muruga in this temple is just like that of Palani temple.

Kodiveri Dam

This dam located 55 km from Erode. The dam was built at the end of river Thadapalli-Arakkan Fort. A small park is located near the dam. The whole place is wonderful tourist spot and also useful for cinema shooting. Ph: 04285-222940.

Mukkoodal :

Three rivers by name Cauvery, Bhavani and invisible Amudha are merging at this pilgrimage place. This is treated as the place of purity in parity with river Ganges. It resembles of Thriveni Sangamam at Allahabad in North India.Pavalamalai and Pachamalai : Pavalamali and Pachmalai are small hill temples for Lord.Murugan. Pavalamalai is situated 3 kms from Gobi city and is famous for Murgan’s festival “Sura
Samharam”. You can get better view of the agricultural lands from the hill top. It used to be a famous spot for many Tamil movies and so is pachamalai another hill top for Lord.Murugan 2kms from Pavalamalai.

Sangameswarar Temple :

15 kms from Erode. It is the famous pilgrimage centre, Bhavani is known mainly by its temple  which was built 1000 years ago by Kongu’s state kings. It was built by black stones at the meeting point of rivers Cauveri and Bhavani. In North India, the meeting point of three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathy is famously known as “Triveni Sangamam”. Like that in South Cauveri and Bhavani meet at this point and so it has got several names like  Thatchina Prayagai, Bhadri-kasiramam and Mukkudal, Vijayapuri, Veerapuram etc.

Thanthai Periyar Memorial :

Born on 17th Sep. 1879, Died on 24th Dec. 1973. The social reformer Mr.E.V.Ramasamy called ‘Thanthai
Periyar’ and the great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujam are the sons of this soil. Periyar memorial is 528.1 sq mtrs. and it was opened on 17-08-1975. His statue, life history and photographs are displayed here at Periyar Rd, Erode-1.

Sri Kondathu Kaliamman Temple, Pariyur :

This temple is located 3 kms away from Gobichettipalayam. Here, the Goddess Kaliamman gives her blessings to her devotees. Once, the people were affected by an evil disease, and they had many casualities and remaining people moved to other areas. 55 km from the Erode.

Kudamulukku Year Festival :

In the month of April - May when the day the Star ‘Punarpoosam’ falls the devotees worship the Goddess with  Abishegam and special ‘Laksharchana’ is performed and the day ends with a 1008 Sangu Abishegam.

Velayutha Swamy Temple, Thindal Mali :

It is 8kms away from Erode. The Panorama of the Velayuthaswamy Temple is 90 feet height. Kumbabishegam was performed on Eleventh of February 2001. open from 6am to 12.30pm and 4.00pm to 8.30pm on all days.During the festival times, the temple is kept open from 6.00am to 9pm.

Benefits : People strongly believe that there is abundance of prosperity in Erode, because Lord Thindal Muruga is facing towards Erode. The temple is illuminated with colourful lamps. Not only the people of Erode district but also the people of other states also visit Thindal, to worship Lord Muruga. It is situated in the Erode - Coimbatore, Main Road. There are plenty of Buses plying from Erode to Thindal. Even Outstation Buses stop at Thindal. Erode Junction is the nearest Railway Station. Ph : 0424 - 2430114.


Kodumudi Arulmigu Magudeshwarar & Veeranarayana
Perumal Temple:

40 km from Erode. Kodumudi is one of the Shivastalams in Kongunadu and is believed to be one of the shikarams of Kailash. Sundarar composed his Namachivaayappatikam here. Several literary works praise the glory of this temple.

Brahma and Vishnu who are enshrined here, are said to have worshipped Shiva, hence the name Trimurthy Kovil. Agasthyar is said to have worshipped here. In a test of strength between Adiseshan and Vayu, 5 gems are said to have gotten scattered from the head of Adisesha. A red stone landed at Tiruvannamalai farmers downstream. The Vinayakar here is referred to as Kaviri Kanda Vinayakar.

The Temple:
This is a vast temple with grand shrines to Kodumudi nathar, Vadivudaiammai and Perumaal and Taayaar. There are 3 entrances leading to the Kodumudi nathar, Ambal and Veeranarayana Perumal shrines. Kunchitapaada Natarajar has both his feet on the ground, in contrast to the raised left foot. The sun’s rays illuminate the sanctum of Shiva and Ambal for a period of 4 days in the months of Panguni and Aavani (Pisces and Virgo).Endowments from the Pandyan rulers have lent the name Paandikkodumudi to this shrine. There are several inscriptions here recording endowments from various royal dynasties. The lion faced pilars testify to Pallava contributions.

Festivals: Bhrammotsavam is celebrated in Chittirai (Aries), in addition to Aadipperukku where lighted lamps are set afloat in the river, Aippasi Pournami, Thaippoosam & Arudra Darisanam.Located
at Kodumudi - 638151, Ph : 04204-222375.

Theeran Chinnamalai

Theeran Chinnamalai born as “Theerthagiri Gounder” on April 17, 1756) was a Kongu chieftain and a Palayakkarar from Tamil Nadu who rose up in revolt against the British East India Company in Kongu Nadu. He was born in Melapalayam, near Erode. He was one of the main leaders in the Polygar Wars and commanded a vast army made up of Kongu youths, notably during the Second Polygar War that took place in 1801-1802. A thousand-strong Kongu army under him took French Military training in modern warfare alongside Tipu’s Mysore forces to fight against the British East India company. They helped Tipu Sultan in his war against the British and were instrumental in victories at Chitheswaram, Mazahavalli and Srirangapatna. After Tipu’s death, Chinnamalai settled down at Odanilai in Kongu Nadu and constructed a fort there and defeated the British in battles at Cauvery in 1801, Odanilai in 1802 and Arachalur in 1804. Later, Chinnamalai left his fort to avoid cannon attack and engaged in guerrilla warfare while he was stationed at Karumalai in the Palani region. He was betrayed by his cook and was captured by the British who hanged him at Sankagiri Fort on Adiperukku day.


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